Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is any sexual act performed to, or in front of, a person without that person’s consent, with this person being used by the perpetrator as an object for the satisfaction of their own sexual needs.
Showing pornography, use of sexualised language, or touching the breasts of buttocks are sexual assaults if performed without your consent. If you are not sure how to classify what is being done to you, then listen to your feelings. If you sense that it is unpleasant, then it’s not good for you. Then you have every right in the world to fight against it.
Sexual violence is a criminal offense.
If you have experienced sexual violence, this can have a range of effects. Sleep disorders, nightmares, trouble concentrating, anxiety, depression, isolation and loss of trust are just a few of the damaging consequences. Some start to hate their bodies or simply not can’t feel them anymore. Or they drift off far away in thought so that the terrible things that have happened are blocked out. Or they direct the anger against themselves.
For many it is difficult to talk about the experience – and this can make the person feel very isolated or lonely. Some are scared because the perpetrator has threatened them that something bad will happen or made them feel guilty somehow. Or they are scared that no one will believe them. For others it is embarrassing, they feel dirty and worthless. Some may have tried to explain the situation and then experienced that nobody paid attention or inquired any further. Or nobody believed them because the offender has an important position or is very popular.
If this is the situation that you’ve faced, don’t give up!
Breaking the silence also means breaking the power of the perpetrator.
There are many people in counselling centres who can support you because they know about situations like yours and understand what you’re going through. We will be happy to help you find a counselling centre nearby.
You can also contact us if you are from the Osnabrück area. With us you decide what you want to tell and when you want to do it. We focus on you and your needs because it is important that to us that you stay in control of what happens.
You decide on what the issues are: You want the sexual violence against you to stop! Together we will think about what you can do to protect yourself.
After being raped you can go to hospital so that evidence can be preserved. The Marienhospital has specialised in this in Osnabrück. You have the right to be treated by a woman.
If you are not sure whether to report what happened and don’t know what it would then involve, we will help you. You have the right to make your statement to a woman. We help you with all your decisions, no matter what you opt for, and will not leave you alone.
For us it is very important that you feel better. If you are looking for a therapist, we will help you with the search.
We will support you so that you can regain control of your own life.
You can also come to get advice if a friend or family member, someone you know or someone at school is being sexually assaulted and you would like to know what help is available for them and how you yourself can offer support.


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