Information for Parents and/or Carers

The psychosocial trial support helps to guide victims of serious criminal offenses through the criminal proceedings and to make their way easier.
What do we offer:

  • We are there to discuss with the client open questions of all kinds, in a familiar setting
  • We support all areas of life that were affected by the offense
  • We explain the whole criminal procedure and who the persons involved are
  • We clarify what your rights and obligations are as a victim
  • We mediate between all parties to the proceedings and maintain an overview
  • We prepare comprehensively for the main proceedings
  • If necessary we will refer you to other specialists, such as therapists
  • We will accompany you to the individual appointments, but do not participate in the individual discussions, thus ensuring that we can take part in the main hearing before the court

The psychosocial trial support worker decides on the form of support that is appropriate for the particular client in her very individual situation.
There is no legal right to such support.
In addition, it does not replace any therapy or legal advice that might be necessary.


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