Migration Conflicts

People whose parents or grandparents moved from another country to Germany often face particular challenges. Growing up in two very different worlds, familial responsibilities, supporting parents in dealing with the authorities, multilingualism – these are challenges from which many skills and strengths can develop. This is a good thing!
So it’s not migration that’s the problem, but that due to the migration situation conflicts might arise.
The downside might be, for example, to be exposed to the prejudices of others, not feeling a real sense of belonging anywhere or needing to meet the expectations of parents or the network that are hard to fulfil or don’t correspond to your own personal plans for the future. Sometimes it’s even expected that a person marries someone she or he doesn’t love. Although forced marriage is banned in Germany and is a violation of human rights, it’s not that uncommon.
Maybe you would like to talk to someone who understands your situation and who doesn’t need to be explained too much. We have an employee who knows about growing up in different cultures from her own experience. Just ask for Gül.



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