Trouble at Home

Many girls at your age have trouble with their parents. When people grow up, they want more independence to decide things for themselves. This is completely normal. But arguments can lead to friction if parents do not like the decisions or worry, or if they don’t give their children freedom to make decisions because they don’t trust them enough.
The relationship can also be stressed if parents have expectations that you can’t or don’t want to live up to.
For some, there is just a bad atmosphere at home far too often. You worry because your parents drink too much alcohol, are constantly on the internet, are depressed or sick, or want to break up. The list goes on.
The relationship with siblings or stepparents might also be difficult and give rise to problems.
There are a lot of possibilities.
If you are struggling because it’s sometimes unbearable at home, then look for a person with whom you can speak openly about this. Often just being understood can help. Together, we’ll think about the options for getting out of the family crisis or how you can improve your own situation. We often find ways together that you would not have thought of alone.
You are very welcome to turn to us if you would just like to talk or if you need help.


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