Lovesickness – the word sounds relatively harmless but you might be really struggling when you are lovesick. Perhaps something happened and it’s not going so well anymore in the relationship or your boy/girlfriend broke up with you for no apparent reason. Maybe the person who you fell in love with doesn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore?!
It hurts so much to run into an invisible wall or that your love for another person is unrequited. What have I done wrong, how can I win him/her back, why am I not loveable? Questions like these might be constantly running around in your mind without you finding an answer.
Other people are annoyed because you don’t want to talk about anything else. Perhaps you’ve been given advice that doesn’t get you anywhere. It would just be so good to talk about it and get some understanding.
If this is how it has been for you and you’re looking for someone to talk to, you are welcome to turn to us.


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