Mobbing (attacking, bullying, harassing as done by a “mob”, group or gang) is a sort of psychological terror at work or at school. Mobbing means continually or repeatedly harassing, threatening, tormenting, ridiculing, excluding or otherwise hurting emotionally.
If you are bullied for a long period of time, your self-esteem may suffer. You could become increasingly insecure and ask yourself what it is about you that leads to you being left out. All your efforts to change the situation seem to be in vain. The feeling of powerlessness grows. Some people become downright sick as a result. They barely even want to go to school or work anymore.
Mobbing at school can affect everyone. The trigger is often the school atmosphere or the mood in the class.
A particular form of mobbing is cybermobbing. This involves people being ridiculed, harassed, hassled or threatened online – in chats, forums, instant messaging or on their mobile phones.
If you are being bullied in any way, then get help! The types of support that are available – so that you can be empowered and overcome your self-doubt and what you can actively do to improve your situation – can be worked out together.


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