What exactly is psychosocial trial support?

In psychosocial trial support you will be supported by someone who is very familiar with everything that you might encounter during a criminal trial.
We will explain to you how the criminal trial proceeds, what you will have to go through and who the people are that will want to speak to you.
We are there for you and will go with you:

  • To the doctor if you are to have an examination
  • To the police if you should explain what happened
  • To the lawyer who can represent you in court
  • To the public prosecutor’s office, where it will be decided whether there will be a trial or not.
  • To court, where a judge hears the case and decides what should happen

It is imperative that you don’t explain what happened to you during the psychosocial support!
In fact, so that we can support and accompany you in the best way possible, we shouldn’t even know what happened to you!

We are there for you in all areas that might have been affected by the criminal offense.
If, however, you would still like someone who you can explain to what you experienced, then we will look for the right person together.
We will help you so that you can cope well with the trial and make sure that you are prepared for everything as well as possible.

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