Girls Centre – Accessible for the Disabled

The Café Dauerwelle Girls Centre is a place for targeted girls work that has long supported the idea of actively creating inclusion. For us, it means we avoid standard classifications of girls as disabled and not disabled. This is why we are planning to make the Café Dauerwelle Girls Centre accessible for the disabled in the coming years. It will then be a given that girls and young women with disabilities will be able to benefit from the offers. By bringing together all girls in all their diversity, we will be actively dismantling the parallel worlds in our society.


Legal Framework / Inclus ion

In 2002, the German Equal Opportunities Act (in German: Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz or BGG)  came into force. In the last two years in particular, the subject matter covered by the BGG and the slogan of “inclusion” has been on everyone’s lips. To give a brief overview of what the BGG calls for, the following is an excerpt on the concept from the Federal Competence Centre for Accessibility:
The goal of the BGG from 2002 is to prevent and eliminate discrimination against disabled people, while also ensuring equal participation of disabled people in society and enabling them to live independently. International regulations have comparable objectives in this area (source: Bundeskompetenzzentrum Barrierefreiheit, 2009, 1.1).



Goals of the Project

- Café Dauerwelle Girls Centre which is accessible for the disabled and allows girls and young women with disabilities to enter and use the premises independently
- Inclusion
- Creating equal opportunities between girls and young women with and without a disability
- Gender equality in the development of girls and young women with disabilities
- Gender sensitive mentoring for the development of girls and young women with disabilities
- Raising awareness on the topic of “inclusion”
- Prevention
- Removing the distinction between youth assistance and disabled assistance

We Need Your Support

The Café Dauerwelle Girls Centre needs around 70,000 euros to convert the premises so that it is accessible for the disabled. For the most part, this has to be refinanced by donations.
Please support out request
Donation account:      Name: Evang.Jugendhilfe HAUS NEUER KAMP e.V.
                                     Sparkasse Osnabrück (BLZ 265 501 05)
                                     Account number.: 3 02 90 22
                                      IBAN: DE32265501050003029022
                                      BIC:   NOLADE22
Reference/Purpose:    Barrierefreiheit Osnabrücker Mädchenhaus


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